Analyzing Your Employee Needs

Most of what job analysis means, if you're hiring for the first time, is figuring out how your life is going to change by having someone else working with you. Questions to ask yourself that can lead to an adequate job analysis are:

Where can you turn for help? There are plenty of resources that can help you out if you need a little direction in analyzing jobs and duties:

If you have more time to do in-depth research, the government offers some publications that you can buy. You can also find copies of most of these in the public library.

If you can't get locate these publications, contact the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What's next? Thinking about these questions should give you an idea of the types of jobs that you want the employee to do. If you think that you need more analysis, try employee observation or job analysis interviews if you have current employees who can help you. Otherwise, take the information and ideas that you have and try your hand at a writing a job description.