Can You Use Form C-EZ?

The IRS does provide a simplified version of Schedule C, known as Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit From Business, that can be used by some sole proprietors, primarily those who work as independent contractors for one or more larger businesses.

Whenever you have an option as to which tax form you can use, it's generally best to use the simplest form that's available to you. There is some evidence that the IRS is less likely to scrutinize tax returns that include the "EZ" versions of the forms.

So, you'll want to use Schedule C-EZ if you're eligible, which means that you:

If you do not meet all of these requirements, you must file Schedule C this year instead of C-EZ.

Business Tools

Among the Business Tools are Form 1040, Schedule C and Schedule C-EZ. They are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, and you will need Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view the files and print them. A free version of Acrobat 4.0 is available in the Business Tools area as well.