Complying with OSHA Requirements

The heart of OSHA compliance is becoming aware of its published standards, which address specific hazards. The standards are divided into four major categories based on the type of work being performed:

General industry standards apply to any type of employment in any industry, including construction, shipyard employment, and agriculture, to the extent that particular standards for these other industries do not apply.

There is also a general duty under OSHA to maintain a safe workplace, which covers all situations for which there are no published standards. Thus, you aren't off the hook merely because you complied with all the specific written standards that apply to you you also have to be aware of safety hazards that come with new technology or unusual situations the government might not have thought of.

Complying with standards may require many different types of activities:

Employer duty. To perform all your duties under OSHA, you need to know about the following: