Conducting Criminal Record Checks in New Mexico

Procedures must be in place to fingerprint applicants for teaching certification. As part of the process, applicants must provide two fingerprint cards to the department of education for an FBI background check. In addition, local school boards must develop policies and procedures to require employment background checks. The policies and procedures may include requiring applicants who have been offered employment to provide their FBI background check record.

In addition, New Mexico prohibits certain criminal offenders from working with children. If the offender was convicted of trafficking in controlled substances, criminal sexual penetration or related sex offenses or child abuse and has applied for reinstatement or issuance of a teaching certificate, license to operate a child-care facility or employment at a child-care facility, regardless of rehabilitation, the issuing agency may refuse to grant or renew, may suspend or revoke the offender's certification, license or employment application.

All fire fighter applicants in municipalities with a population of 100,000 must submit a set of fingerprints to the municipality to be sent to the FBI.

A criminal history background investigation is required as part of the application for a license for insurance agents, title insurance agents, and title insurers. The investigation is conducted through fingerprint checks with the Department of Public Safety and the FBI. The same check may be used to suspend or revoke a an insurer's license.