Conducting Criminal Record Checks in Ohio

In any employment application, a person may not be questioned about any arrest for which the records were expunged or any record that has been sealed. Ohio law also protects employees from disclosing whether they have been arrested or convicted for a minor misdemeanor drug offense because such an arrest or conviction does not constitute a criminal record.

Nursing homes, resident care facilities, county and district homes, homes for the aging, adult care facilities, adult day care programs, hospice care programs and home health agencies are required to conduct a criminal record check for each person under final consideration for employment in a position in which there is direct contact with older adults. The criminal record check is done through the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

Employers hiring child care personnel must obtain criminal background information about the applicants.

Ohio employers holding contracts with the United States or any of its departments or agencies that contain nondiscrimination clauses may require an employee or applicant for employment to furnish documentary proof of citizenship and may use fingerprint identification for security purposes.