Disability Insurance Taxes

If you happen to run your business in one of the handful of states where state-mandated temporary disability insurance programs are operated for the benefit of workers in the state, you can probably add to your payroll tax obligations a duty to withhold and/or pay taxes that fund the state's program.

The jurisdictions where you may have to collect or pay disability insurance taxes are California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island. Click on one of these areas on the map below for information about their disability insurance taxes. The information includes (1) a short description of the employment level required to subject you to the state's tax, (2) the tax rate, if any, applied when employers are personally liable for paying the state tax; (3) the rate at which the tax is withheld from employees' wages; (4) the maximum wage amount to which the state's tax applies, and (5) the address of the agency that administers the state's tax.