Employee Voting Leave in Oklahoma

Every employer in Oklahoma must allow its registered voters time off to vote on election day, during the time when the polls are open. The law does not apply to school board or bond elections.

Paid time off rules. Upon presenting proof of voting, an employee may not be subject to any loss of compensation or penalty for being absent to vote.

Advance notice requirements. No employee is entitled to time off to vote unless the employee notifies the employer the day before the election, orally or in writing, of his or her intention to be absent. The employer may select the time that employees may be absent to vote and must inform the employees of the hours that have been selected.

Amount of time off allowed. An employee is permitted up to two hours off to vote. If an employee votes in a location whose distance from the place of employment will require more than two hours to vote and get to work, that employee must be given a sufficient amount of time off to vote.

When time off not allowed. The time-off-to-vote law does not apply to any employee whose workday begins three or more hours after the polls open or ends three hours or more before the polls close. The employer may change the work hours to give employees three hours before or after work to vote.

Employer Penalty for Violation. Fine of $50 to $100.