Employee Voting Leave in Utah

Any person entitled to vote in a general election in Utah may be absent from work on election day while the polls are open. Taking time off to vote is not sufficient reason for an employee to be discharged. In addition, an employee who takes time off to vote is not liable for any penalty.

All elections are covered by the law; special, general, municipal and school elections, and primary elections in cities of the first class (those having 100,000 or more inhabitants) and cities of the second class (those with less than 100,000 but more than 60,000 inhabitants).

Paid time off rules. Employers must provide employees up to two hours off with pay between the time the polls open and when they close, unless the employee has at least three nonworking hours during the time the polls are open.

Advance notice requirements. To be free from discharge or penalty and be paid for time taken off to vote, an employee must apply for leave of absence prior to election day. The employer may specify the hours that employees may be absent to vote.

Amount of time off allowed. Employees may take up to two hours off of work during the time the polls are open to vote.

Employer Penalty for Violation. Fine up to $1,000 and/or jail up to 6 months; for corporations, fine up to $5,000.