Gathering Employee Information

One thing you can do to help expedite the process of getting quotes from insurance agents is to prepare what is known in the industry as a census. A census is a list of your employees and certain demographic information about them. Generally census information should be given only to licensed insurance agents with the understanding that it will be used for underwriting purposes only.

Once underwriters for the insurance companies get your census, they can analyze it against statistical information they have and come up with a price quote for you based on the levels of coverage you want. This is all handled by the insurance company representative. All you have to do is supply the information.

To create a census, put the following information in a table or spreadsheet:

Because this information is personal and important, it is imperative that you stress to the agents that you deal with, and get a signed promise from them, that under no circumstances is this information to be used for any purpose other than underwriting, including soliciting or telemarketing other products and services that the insurance company may offer.