Maine Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage in Maine is $5.15 per hour through 12/31/01, $5.75 as of 1/1/02 and $6.25 as of 1/1/03.

Exempted from coverage under Maine's minimum wage law are individuals employed (1) in agriculture, (2) in domestic service, (3) in occupations not subject to close supervision and in which earnings are derived in whole or in part from sales commissions, (4) as taxicab drivers, (5) in public-supported or educational nonprofit organizations, (6) as counselors or student employees under 19 years old, employed at camps owned or operated by corporations without capital stock, (7) in the fishing industry, (8) as switchboard operators in public telephone exchanges with less than 750 stations, (9) as unsupervised homeworkers, (10) as relatives who live with and depend on the employer or (11) in a bona fide executive, administrative or professional capacity with a salary of not less than $175 weekly.