Military Duty Leave for Employees in Alabama

Officers and employees of any private business or industry who are active members of the Alabama national guard, naval militia or the Alabama state guard organized in lieu of the national guard, or of any other reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, are entitled to a military leave of absence on days that they are engaged in field or coast defense or other training or on other service ordered under the provisions of the National Defense Act, or of the federal laws governing the United States reserves, without loss of pay, time, efficiency rating, annual vacation or sick leave.

Service in the national guard or naval militia of Alabama, when called, drafted or ordered into the service of the United States, is to be considered as equivalent service in the Alabama national guard or naval militia for any and all state purposes regarding privileges, honors, pay, allowances and exemptions provided by law for members of the national guard and naval militia of Alabama.

A leave of absence with pay may not be paid for more than 168 working hours per calendar year, and those persons are entitled, in addition, to be paid for no more than 168 working hours at any one time when called by the governor for duty in the active service of Alabama.