Military Duty Leave for Employees in South Dakota

In South Dakota, any member of the reserves of the U.S. Armed Forces called upon to receive military training is entitled to a leave of absence from employment not to exceed 15 days in any one calendar year.

Reinstatement. An employee who leaves permanent employment to perform active duty in the National Guard or for military training, after providing the employer with evidence of dates of departure and return at least 60 days before service, and who provides evidence of satisfactory completion upon return, must be restored to the previous or a similar position with the same status, pay and seniority, if qualified. The time away from the job is to be construed as a leave of absence. In the discretion of the employer, leave may be with or without pay.

Absence for military training does not affect the employee's right to receive normal vacation, sick leave, bonus, advancement and other advantages of employment normally anticipated in the employee's particular position.