Office Automation Hazards

People may tend to think that safety in the workplace is an issue that needs to be addressed only by companies that perform "dangerous" work such as foundries, steel mills, and auto manufacturers.

But that's not true. Today's modern office is full of potential hazards that both you and your employees need to be aware of and for which you need to take appropriate precautions.

For example, cloth and vinyl chairs, carpeting and drapery, and the large quantity of paper found in many offices can create a fire hazard. Misplaced waste baskets, poorly lighted halls, substances tracked in from outside that may cause people to slip, frayed carpet, a file drawer left open, telephone and electrical cords on the floor, and office machines being used by those who do not know how to use them are other examples of office safety hazards.

With the dramatic increase in office automation, a primary source of injuries in the office may not be from movement such as lifting heaving objects or running into things but from a lack of movement. Office automation encourages people to sit in one place for long periods of time.

To combat injuries and illness related to office work, you need to have an understanding of: