Oregon Minimum Wage Law

The current minimum wage rate in Oregon is $6.50 per hour.

Oregon's minimum wage law covers all employees except most agricultural laborers; domestic servants; administrative, executive or professional employees who: (a) perform predominantly intellectual, managerial, or creative tasks, (b) exercise discretion and independent judgment and (c) earn a salary and are paid on a salary basis; federal employees; employees of an institution whose primary function is education and at which the employee is a student; employees in the capacity of an outside salesperson or taxicab operator; employees who perform child care services in their homes or in the child's home; anyone domiciled at a place of employment for the purpose of being available for emergency or occasional duties; persons paid for specified hours of employment, the only purpose of which is to be available for call to duty; persons domiciled at multiunit accommodations designed to provide other people with temporary or permanent lodging for the purpose of maintenance, management or assisting in management; persons employed on a seasonal basis at an educational or organized camp generating gross annual income of less than $500,000; persons employed at nonprofit conference ground or center operated for educational, charitable or religious purposes; volunteer fire fighters; companions; golf caddies; resident managers of adult foster homes; managers of mobile home parks; and volunteer hosts at government campgrounds.