Our Auto Experts

In preparing our discussions about purchasing and selling vehicles we talked with the folks at S " S Videos, Inc. S " S, which specializes in producing videos for automobile purchasers and owners, draws from a wealth of talent and experience on its team. S&S owners and contributors include a former military base motor pool administrator, a professional auto racing driver, an automobile dealership service manager, and an owner of a used car business. S " S experts also recently hosted a syndicated talk radio series that provided advice to automobile owners in the New England area.

The company's best-selling video, Don't be Eaten Alive By the Wrong Used Car Purchase,has been selected by a number of state motor vehicle departments for use in their official driver education programs. For information about ordering the video you may contact S&S by writing:

S " S Videos, Inc.
19111 Chuska Way
San Antonio, TX 78256