Public Sources for Salary Data

There are many public sources of salary data.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has Occupational Compensation Surveys (OCS) for most geographical areas in the United States. The information is broken down by the type of occupation as well as by various levels within that occupation. The advantage of using these surveys is that they reflect data in your geographical area so you can get an idea of what employers in your area are paying for a specific job. The government also has information about benefits and other statistical information related to employment.

To access these reports on the Internet, go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics site and type in the name of your city or state. These reports are also available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' regional offices. Prices for individual surveys vary. For price information on a specific survey or to order by phone, call the General Printing Office at (202) 512-1800.

Private sources. The Internet also has more specific information regarding the salaries in certain professions, industries, and locales.

Print sources. You may also be able to get survey information from other, non-electronic sources, including:


Before you use any data from any source, make sure it's up-to-date, was done by a reputable organization, and covers employees like yours.