Virginia Minimum Wage Law

The minimum hourly wage rate in Virginia is $5.15 per hour.

Virginia's minimum wage law covers all employees except: (1) agricultural workers; (2) domestic servants in a private home and employees of publicly-funded charitable institutions; (3) volunteers at educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations; (4) persons who deliver newspapers, persons who shine shoes, golf caddies, babysitters, theater ushers, concession attendants, "doormen" and cashiers; (5) employees under age 18 working for their parents or guardians; (6) salespersons on commission and taxi drivers; (7) persons who are confined in state or local penal or mental institutions; (8) employees of children's camps; (9) employees under age 16 or over age 64; (10) employees covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act; (11) employees who work on a piece-rate basis; (12) persons with "handicaps"; (13) apprentices and trainees; (14) full-time high school, college and trade school students; and (15) employees whose employer has fewer than four employees, excluding children, parents and spouse.