West Virginia Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage is $5.15 per hour in West Virginia.

West Virginia's minimum wage law covers all public and private employers with six or more employees in one location or establishment unless 80 percent or more of the employees are covered by federal minimum and overtime wage provisions.

The following categories of employees are excluded from the definition of employee: (1) agricultural workers; (2) federal employees; (3) state-employed fire fighters; (4) individuals engaged in educational, charitable, religious, fraternal or nonprofit activities where the employer/employee relationship does not exist or where services are voluntary; (5) persons who deliver newspapers, persons who shine shoes, golf caddies, pin setters and pin chasers in bowling lanes, and ushers in theaters; (6) traveling or outside salespersons; (7) individuals employed by their immediate families; (8) individuals employed in bona fide executive, administrative or professional capacities; (9) individuals employed on a part-time basis who are students; (10) persons engaged in on-the-job training; (11) "handicapped" individuals in a nonprofit sheltered workshop; (12) individuals employed by local or interurban motor bus carriers; (13) employees of a children's summer camp; and (14) persons 62 years of age or older who receive Social Security benefits.